About Jonathan Browning

Little Mr. Rend LakeJonathan was born and raised in the small Southern Illinois town of Benton, IL.  His acting career started by performing for his mom in their basement.  She said his interpretive dancing to Ray Steven's "The Streak" was absolutely groundbreaking.  At the age of 12 he was asked to leave his Church’s Christmas play because he was "making up lines and getting a little too racy for our taste."

After graduation with a B.A. in Theatre at Illinois State University, Jonathan headed to Chicago.  While there he was an active member of the Annoyance Theatre, the Midnight Circus, and Comedy Sportz. The biggest gift the city gave him was meeting his wife, Leslie McManus.  Together they created Screaming Frog Productions.

In 2001, Jonathan & Leslie moved to the wonderful City of Angels. In Los Angeles Jonathan has performed sketch & improvisation at IO West, The Upright Citizens Brigade and The Great Adventure.  He also loves performing stand up at clubs like The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Ice House and a plethora of coffee shops, store fronts, pool halls, thrift stores and rowdy bars in the Los Angeles area.  Wherever there is a mic and a wall, you will find Jonathan.

He has also been blessed to appear in a dozen commercials, some really great television shows and some pretty amazing independent films.

In his free time he enjoys roaming around his home in Silver Lake yelling, "I'm a tiny troll and I must have Ho-Ho's and Gatorade!" Please do not give him these items or allow him to consume any starch.